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My Annual Review of 2017


This Annual Review will answer three questions. What went well this year? What didn’t go so well this year? What did I learn?

  • WHAT WENT WELL: This has been an epic year - a year of great adventure, much introspection, and a better understanding of my purpose in life. I traveled throughout the US and Canada for 8 months (Jan-Sept), started down the spiritual path, and began 'letting go'. I made more money than I ever have in my life in only 4 months of work.
  • WHAT DIDN'T GO WELL: I shutdown my land investing business while I was traveling. It wasn't a bad thing - I was able to enjoy the freedom of the road. It simply took some time to get the business started back up and running in September.
  • My last consulting gig was very stressful and I found myself reverting back to my old way of being - I was frustrated at the lack of change in the business and wanted to use shame to produce change. After speaking with my mentor, I chose positivity and the gig finished on a high note.
  • WHAT I LEARNED: Earning more money than I ever have in only 4 months is shocking and amazing to me after struggling and swimming upstream all of my life. Abundance is all around me - I simply need to let go and accept it.
  • I also learned that I must lead with love. Nothing productive will come from trying to force change.
Here is a 'quick' review of the year:
  • JANUARY-MARCH: The year started off on a 3 month ski road trip in January using the Mountain Collective Ski Pass to hit 12 different mountains. The highlights were 300" of snow in Mammoth, California, driving through Canada in the winter, catching first tracks in deep powder at the unknown gem - Revelstoke, Canada, skiing and exploring Banff, Canada,  and finishing the trip in Telluride, Colorado and Taos, New Mexico with powder days.
  • APRIL-JULY: It was then off to Denver for a consulting gig in April. Then a cross-country drive to see friends and family in NY, MA, RI, NH, and Maine. Went to my cousin's wedding in Massachusetts, saw many college friends for the first time in 4+ years, and the van broke down in upstate Maine (luckily Kara and her family were there to help!).
  • Then I drove from Maine to Minnesota through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (beautiful country in the summer) for the 4th of July to see my cousins. After that, I drove to Denver to begin a summer roundtrip with Jen.
  • JULY-AUGUST: It started a little rough with altitude sickness camping outside of Telluride and some bad food but it quickly improved once we arrived in the North rim of the Grand Canyon. We then drove to Lake Powell for a week on a huge 70 foot houseboat with her brother's family. We towed a speedboat so we could waterski and tube during the day and go paddleboarding at night. I definitely plan on exploring Lake Powell more - just in a smaller boat!
  • Once we departed from the boat, we hiked Zion, Capitol Reef, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Teton National Parks. After that we drove up to magical Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada. It was packed with tourists but was still so impressive. The Canadian Rockies feel like they are monstrous and right on top of you and there are clear, cold deep blue lakes every few miles. I swam in almost every lake that we passed especially the snow melt lakes at the high altitudes.
  • SEPT-NOV: It was then back to Denver for a followup consulting gig and then to Austin for another consulting gig. I returned to Denver for the final consulting gig with the same company - over the course of three 2 week visits, we fired 3 employees, hired 2 employees who subsequently hired enough people to triple the staff. Revenue has increased substantially and the foundational business systems and processes are in place for big future growth. Also invested in a business coach for my real estate company.
  • DEC: After Thanksgiving in Denver, we drove to Gaudaulupe and Big Bend National Parks for some great hikes. The short roadtrip finished in Austin, TX for Ryan Moran's awesome Capitalism Conference. I then drove leisurely back (except for an uneventful stop by border patrol in Alabama) to Washington, DC for Christmas.
SPIRITUAL HIGHLIGHTS: a sweat lodge in Sedona, saw two Native American healers in Banff and Sedona, breathwork with Zach Rehder, walking many labyrinths, hiking to vortexes, meditating in nature, had readings from a pyschic and an astrologer, group meditation with Tara Brach, many floats, full moon meditation in Boulder, CO.