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My Favorite Vanlife and Travel Apps


These are the apps that I regularly use to find spots to park my van overnight and to find interesting foods to eat, trails to hike, and sights to see. Most have apps for your smartphone and some have websites as well. Overnight Parking and Camping Apps

  • Rvparky.com (iOS | Android) - displays a map of rest areas, Wal-marts, truck stops, and RV parks to park your van. I typically use it only for Wal-mart parking lots.
  • Freecampsites.net (No smartphone app) - Displays a map of free and low-priced 'boondocking' or dry camping spots typically in the Western half of the US.
  • Hipcamp.com (No smartphone app) - This is a website similar to AirBnB but is directly solely at camping rentals. You can also search for state and national park campsites.
  • AirBnB.com (iOS | Android) - You might be surprised to find 'camping' spots on AirBnB. I rented a parking space in a guy's driveway off of AirBnB in Whistler, BC, Canada. Simply filter for low price ranges (less than $35 per night).
  • US Public Lands (iOS | Android) - This app show you all of the FREE areas to camp. If you can find a pulloff or cleared area off of a road in a National forest, BLM land, or National park you can camp on it!

Travel Apps

  • Foodspotting (iOS | Android) - I'm a big fan of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and I love to eat weird foods like tripe, tongue, liver, heart, bone marrow, insects, etc. This app shows all of the unique near your location.
  • AllTrails (iOS | Android) - This app shows you hikes that you can filter by short/long, easy/hard, small/large elevation. Highly recommend this if you enjoy hiking even in the slightest.
  • Trover (iOS | Android) - If you want the cool spots to visit while on the road, you can search by photos from locals and find unique places to check out.

Vanlife Apps

What are you favorite apps that you use on the road? Post to the comments.

Picture is my Sprinter van in the freezing cold of beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada.