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Jan 2017 Monthly Expense Report


The real power of living in a van is lowering your monthly expenses. Being able to live on so little money, gives you freedom! I can live on as little as $850 per month (cooking all of my own meals and not doing any fun activities). By converting my vehicle (a Sprinter van) into my 'home', I was able to put an expensive 'asset' that was unused for the majority of each day and was able to cut out my mortgage/rent payment completely. That simple act cut my monthly expenses down considerably - then I took a hard look at my fixed, recurring expenses. After two years of living on the road, this is what my monthly expenses look like:

Monthly, RECURRING Expenses (services that I either have auto-billed or I am in a contract with):

Total Monthly, Recurring Expenses: $595

One-time Expenses (these change from month-to-month)

  • Yoga (I pay the drop-in fees): $40
  • Eating out (Chipotle, Pho, etc - I try to keep it under $10 per meal including tip): $261
  • Food and supplements (Costco, Trader Joe's, Amazon): $387
  • Fuel for my van (depending on how much I travel): $98
  • Fun activities/Going out with friends: $180
  • Van maintenance: $29

Total One-time Expenses: $995

My total monthly expenses (one-time plus recurring monthly) for January 2017 is only $1590.

Notice that I have do NOT have the following expenses:

  • a car payment
  • a mortgage or rent payment
  • a Netflix/Hulu or Spotify membership
  • debt payments (credit cards, student loans, etc)

A few notes: I value my health hence the majority of my spending on chiropractic and gym memberships.

If I want to watch movies or listen to music, I watch or listen to what is included for FREE with my Amazon Prime membership (Prime movies or music).

I do buy clothes, but no very many each year. I typically buy merino wool clothes (shirts, underwear, socks, etc) that last for a long time (1-2 years of daily use) and are anti-microbial (so they don't smell bad!).

If you take away only one thing from this post, it is that the real freedom comes from cutting and ultimately minimizing your monthly, recurring expenses.



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