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Intentions for 2019


My intention for 2019 is to 'Build'.

Reviewing the previous year, I accomplished many of the things on my intention list. I drank Ayahuasca in the Peruvian jungle and learned some profound truths. I went to Burning Man and my heart opened up to receive love. I have been rock climbing regularly and paddleboarding. I did many group meditations and some breathwork. I went paraglliding and deer hunting in Minnesota (harvested a small buck). I did a fast while driving for a few days and it was surprisingly easy since I never had to worry about eating. I ate a raw diet for 2 weeks last year and the energy boost that I received from it was substantial. However, it was tough sourcing high quality raw meats so I haven't continued that diet.

This year, I have a strong urge to build and use my hands to create a living space.

My plan is to get an old, beat-up tow-behind travel trailer, rip out the interior and rebuild it to my desire.

I am also consulting for Salvage Shelthers in Goldwaithe, TX and I plan on building my first tiny home.

If you have or know of an old TOW-BEHIND TRAVEL TRAILER, shoot me an email hashtagevanlife@gmail.com. It can be anywhere in the US.

I am continuing my foundation daiy habits from 2018:

  • getting out in the sun for 1-2 hours each day (at least mostly naked!)

  • meditating each morning

  • gratitude each evening

  • movement of some kind (Crossfit, walking, hiking, yoga, etc)

  • cold exposure each morning (shower or ice bath)

The things that I want to accomplish are:

  • Build a travel trailer

  • Take swing dancing lessons

  • Go on a cruise with a big group of friends

  • Take piano lessons

  • Pay off all of my remaining debt

  • Travel to Hawaii and Asia

  • Do monthly NAD and vitamin IV treatments

  • Build my first tiny home

  • Do Egoscue therapy to re-align my hips

Nathaniel Bruno