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How-To Videos of T1N Dodge Sprinter 2003-2006 Model Repairs


These DIY videos are meant ONLY for the Dodge Sprinter 2003-2006 T1N model. I have done all of these repairs myself and most were fairly easy (no more than 30 minutes). The struts took me a few hours since the van needs to jacked up and the wheels removed. Cabin filter

Air filter

Front Struts / Shocks

Glow Plugs

Fuel Filter

Oil Change (I highly recommend using this part when you change oil)

Rear Differential Service

Brake Pads

I have used a mechanic for the ball joints, transmission fluid change, and coolant change.

Here are some useful documents: The Sprinter service manual (PDF) that mechanics use. The Sprinter parts manual (PDF). The Error Code spreadsheet

If your repair isn't listed here, check out the Sprinter Source forum and your repair will most likely have been answered there.

I also recommend the Sprinter Conversion Sourcebook for additional help.

-- Picture is the van in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada frozen in -10 F weather.

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