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How-To Ski Four Colorado Mountains in One Day


It all started apres ski at Beaver Creek while riding the bus back to Bear Lot. We started talking to a bro on the bus about our plans the next day. He told me about how he skied all four Vail Resorts-owned Colorado mountains (Beaver Creek, Vail, Breckenridge, and Keystone) in one day (Arapahoe Basin is owned by Vail Resorts but they don't have EpicMix on their slopes - so you can't track your vertical feet skied). After getting a drunken download on how exactly to accomplish skiing four-in-one-day, we decided to hit it hard the next day. This plan is ideal for a Colorado local living on the Frontrange since you will be starting at the mountain farthest from Denver (Beaver Creek). What you need:

  • an Epic pass that gives you access to all Vail Resorts
  • a 4WD car or truck to get you to and from each mountain
  • lots of snacks and a camelback and/or drinks
  • a place to stay in or near Avon, Colorado
  • an opportunity to accomplish this during a weekday (or during a late season weekend)

Here is what we did:

700am - Grab a big, delicious and hardy breakfast at Northside Cafe in Avon, CO

800am - Park in Bear Lot (free parking) and shuttle up to base at Beaver Creek

830am - Catch the first chair up and start skiing newly groomed runs

1030am - Shuttle back to the parking lot and start driving to Vail Ski Resort

1045am - Grab a quick snack and drink in the car while driving

1100am - Park in a covered parking garage at Vail (2 hours free parking)

1115am - Walk to the gondola and hit Vail for a quick 3 or 4 runs

1245pm - Head back to the parking garage and start driving towards Breckenridge

130pm - Eat lunch in the car (or stop for a quick bite - we ate all of our food driving from Beaver Creek to Vail)

200pm - Park in the main Breckenridge lot (typically it costs money to park but it should be open and free by 1pm or 2pm)

215pm - Catch the gondola and ski Breckenridge until closing at 4pm

415pm - Head back to the parking lot and start driving to Keystone (eat some more food!)

445pm - Park at the main Keystone Resort lot and walk to the slopes

500pm - Catch the gondola to the top of Keystone and start night skiing

630pm - Get in a good number of runs under the lit-up slopes of Keystone

700pm - Call it a day and a fun challenge completed. Start driving back to the Frontrange

A total of 1.5 hours of driving - 60 miles.

Potential Obstacles:

  • getting stuck in a gondola or ski lift for a long period of time
  • running out of gas, a flat tire, or other car troubles
  • not having enough food or water in the car with you
  • arriving at Breckenridge at 4pm (closing time)

When you complete skiing at four resorts in one day, you will receive the 'Day Tripper' pin from EpicMix. In total, we skied 34,464 vertical feet over four resorts. It was a long day but it was a fun challenge to complete.

Vertical Feet Totals:

Beaver Creek - 2 hours skiing - 14,944 vertical feet

Vail - 1.5 hours skiing - 5,328 vertical feet

Breckenridge - 2 hours skiing - 9,873 vertical feet

Keystone - 1.5 hours skiing - 4,319 vertical feet

The Total Number of Feet Skied: 34,464 vertical feet