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Building a Tiny Home and RV Community


Over the past 2 years, I have spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about community and relationships. Specifically, the lack of them in my life.

I think back to how my father grew up with 25 first cousins all in Providence, Rhode Island. He had an endless supply of friends to play with, babysitters, wise elders, and many different relationships to lean on.

This was due to everyone living close together within walking or biking distance and having a bond (through family).

My desire is to return to that way of living - loving your neighbor, sharing resources, and living in a small, tight knit community with friends and relatives of all generations.

My vision is to create or join a community in which we work to expand our consciousness by living in the question: How does one live sustainably in harmony with nature and spirit?

An ecovillage model aligns with my sensibilities the most - an ecovillage uses the principles of permaculture, it emphasizes sustainability by mimicking the design of nature.

It is designed to be self-sufficient, low-cost and it promotes a culture of love and cooperation.

Ideally, the ecovillage would:

  • be self-sufficient in power and heat

  • harvest and recycle their water

  • will have enough farmland or greenhouses to support each home’s basic fruit, vegetable and meat needs.

  • have an equal amount of open green space, woods and lakes for the enjoyment of the residents and the wider community.

Possible Strategies:

  • Care for a commons - a land trust and RV/tiny home ranch that will ecologically support a small community of 50+ people.

  • Build a self-sustaining infrastructure and organic food requirements to support our basic needs

  • Create homes, gathering places and guest houses using sustainable or reclaimed materials and energy sources.

  • Create and nurture a spiritual center as the core of our community

  • Create an interdependent social system

  • Create enterprises to assure economic viability with minimal dependence on outside funding sources

  • Establish educational, leadership, internship and exchange programs that will enable us to be of service to others, share our experiences and connect with similar local and global efforts.

If what I wrote aligns with you or you are currently living in an ecovillage like this, shoot me an email at hashtagvanlife@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Nathaniel Bruno