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I Took Ayahuasca in the Amazon Jungle

I recently completed my first Ayahuasca retreat about 60 miles North of Iquitos, Peru in the Amazon jungle. 

Ayahuasca had been calling to me for a few years but it only started to become something that I could actually see myself doing in the past few months. I bumped into so many people that had drank Ayahuasca and experienced transformational things. So I decided to book the flight to Peru. 

Ayahuasca is a traditional medicine that comes from the Amazon jungle. Peruvians have been using it for thousands of years to heal physical and emotional problems. Ayahuasca has medicine spirits that come into your body to heal you when you drink. It usually happens through purging: throwing up or diarrhea.

Hamilton Souther, the founder of Blue Morpho, describes it as “the most terrifying, most beautiful, darkest, lightest, saddest and most joyous experience of my life.”

“At the most fundamental level everything in the Universe is made up of energy. When you drink Ayahuasca you take the spirits of the plants into your body where they'll travel all around, seeking out and removing ‘crossed energy’, which can manifest as physical illness, past mental or emotional traumas, or spiritual ailments. At this level of working there's no differentiation. It’s all energy that no longer serves you. It's got to come out. So you ask the spirits to heal it. Then, sit back and let them do their job.”

They say to drop expectations coming into an Ayahuasca experience.  Set your intention beforehand, but once the cup is sipped, let go.  During my retreat I took part in four Ayahuasca ceremonies, each one being very different from the next. 

I didn't experience anything during the first ceremony (my dose was very small). The second ceremony (with a substantially larger dose) was spent healing my physical body and purging occasionally. The third was spent with constant nausea, fear and trapped energy in my head with a desire to purge out of both ends but being unable to let go.

They say that Ayahuasca gives you what you need, not necessarily what you want. During the third ceremony, I tried to control my experience and bend Ayahuasca to my desires. As a result, I did NOT get what I wanted! The fourth was the most transformative - I truly let go and surrendered to the medicine and I was taken on a blissful journey of enlightenment.  

I chose Blue Morpho Tours because of:

  • The team's constant supervision and support during each ceremony. I feel like I was able to really let go and surrender to the medicine because of my confidence in the team's ability to help me when I needed it. As wild as a night might get, I felt safe with them around.
  • Their 16 successful years of offering Ayahuasca retreats.
  • Their well-thought approach to offering smaller Ayahuasca doses early on and allowing you figure out where your 'sweet spot' dose lies.

Lessons Learned:

  • Life is supposed to be easy - I need to swim downstream not upstream against the current of life.
  • The more that I let go and surrender and breath into a feeling or emotion, the faster the feeling will be released. Holding onto it and not letting it go is what will cause disease.
  • Plant medicine (Ayahuasca) is very real, nothing to play with, and very powerful and fast acting.
  • Humans are all one consciousness and there is no separation between myself or another human being.
  • There is no need to search or look for answers - they will arrive in time. The reason behind something (like a trapped emotion) is irrelevant.
  • I need to feel more and I need to think less.
  • I have a heightened awareness of energy (energy in my body, in others, etc.)
  • On the final ceremony night, I had a big, profound realization - each one of us is a 'sovereign universe' and I have total control of my body and my experiences in the world. 

I feel as though Ayahuasca ceremonies are like peeling an onion where more and more layers are removed and my heart will become more and more open. So I will definitely be doing another trip down Iquitos this year or next.

For more Ayahuasca related documentaries, search 'Ayahuasca' on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

If you have questions, post them in the comments. If you want to book an Ayahuasca retreat with Blue Morpho, don't hesitate to mention my name (Nat Bruno).                 

Nathaniel Bruno