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2016 Year in Review


Moved to Austin, TexasAfter being on the road for most of 2014 and 2015, I needed to find a warm place to spend the winter. I had never been to Texas before but heard wonderful things about Austin so I went there in January 2016. All of the hype was spot-on - I loved my time there!

Here are some quick highlights from my time in Austin:

  • Camped and hiked in Big Bend National Park
  • Went to lots of cold springs in Texas
  • Went ski diving for the first time
  • Sung karaoke for the first time (totally sober!)
  • Started investing in real estate and have owned over 400 acres of land in Texas.
  • Did the Landmark Forum and had multiple breakthroughs and now I see endless possibilities in life.
  • Learned how to have authentic, genuine conversations with anyone.
  • Learned how not to treat women and also how to seem women as people and not an object of my desire.
  • Built great relationships with many new friends.
  • Planned a 3 month ski road trip to 11 mountains over 7 states and into Canada
  • Sold my old rusty van and converted a new(er) sprinter van into my new 'house'
  • New Crossfit PRs: a 310 lbs front squat, 410 lbs deadlift, 255 lbs bench press, 240 lbs clean, 8:51 Helen, 1:32 - 500m row.
  • Camped at most of Texas's great state parks
  • Attended one of the best business conferences - Freedom Fast Lane Live.

Personal Goals for 2017 All of my goals this year will be possible from making $10k per month in personal income.

ONE-TIME Sell condo Pay off all remaining debt

ONGOING Do Yoga classes Begin learning Italian Thank everyone that has impacted my life Write daily Meditate and do gratitude daily

FUN STUFF Take massage classes Guitar lessons class Singing lessons Dancing classes Krav maga classes Do a silent meditation retreat

HEALTH Get consult with online doctor / Finish health related testing Screen for colon cancer Back squat 400lbs - front squat 350 lbs


Setup my life to start full-time international travel

Build the foundation to start building self-sustaining, intentional communities

Picture is of 50 acres of land that I own in Texas.

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